The Constitution


Vision - Progressive Conservatives on PEI see an Island that provides a healthy economy, society, and environment allowing the capacity for all of its citizens to achieve happiness and prosperity.

Mission - Our mission as Progressive Conservatives is to form a fiscally responsible, socially progressive government that promotes individual achievement and personal responsibility, is accountable to its citizens, listens to its people, and embraces innovation, while preserving the best of our unique heritage and diverse cultures and learning from the past.

Values – As Progressive Conservatives we hold the following values:

1.           Democracy - fostering institutions and processes that enhance democratic values.

2.           Accountability– expecting governments at all levels to answer to the people for the decisions they have made.

3.           Responsibility – defining good government as one that lives within its means and whose representatives spend public money wisely in the interests of all Islanders.

4.           Compassion – caring for those in society who need support.

5.           Respect – treating all PEI citizens as being equally valuable, regardless of ability, race, gender, religion, language, marital status and/or sexual orientation.

6.           Entrepreneurship– providing a climate where all Islanders have the opportunity to succeed through hard work and initiative.

7.           Self-Reliance– supporting people who are able to help themselves remain or become independent.

8.           Stewardship – passing on a natural environment to future generations that is the same or better than the one we inherited.

9.           Patriotism – taking pride in our cultures, our communities, our province and our country.


The objectives of the Constitution are:

  1. to promote the interests of the Progressive Conservative Association and to provide for its’ effective and efficient and efficient operation;
  2. to provide direction through which the Party is able to function effectively;
  3. to provide a means through which the citizens of the Province may inform themselves of the functions and procedures by which the Progressive Conservative Association governs itself;
  4. to ensure that the operations of the Progressive Conservative Association are transparent so that citizens feel welcome to take an active part; and
  5. to assist Progressive Conservatives in securing effective and thorough organization throughout each Provincial District.

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